Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wow! My IRL friends have go on SL!

Soon after my last post, I went to a random furry sandbox. I heard people talking and decided to go make some friends.  Well, as I approached, I heard a comment about... "...my furry friend from the mall, thats going to meet me at fur fright...." and it sounded just like someone I met a few weeks ago.

It could have been a strange coincidence so I sat quiet anticipating some other comments...

Then I heard, from said voice,  my name and a brief description of my fursona.  I then shouted my friends IRL name, in all hopes that it was him.  Luckily it was and I didn't feel strange at all. - well, maybe a little.

Well, I hope to bump into a few more friends on SL that I know IRL.