Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hello World!

Hello and welcome to my brand new blog! I’m sorry I couldn’t think up something stunningly witty as a title but ‘The Wanderings of Gadget’ will have to do for now … until I can think of something better (or someone suggests a more catchy title) 

So my Second Life name is Gadget Catseye and I’m a Furry – pretty much a new one at that having only ‘been born’ on Friday, September 24th, 2010.

Why did I choose a Furry?

Well, to be honest, I made an account a few years ago, using a different name, selected some random elf looking avatar they had, as a 'safe' option. Walked around a bit, made friends, and slowly people offering their MSN and Hotmail addresses to me. It came to me as somewhat of a shock, and if I would have done some reading on the topic of SecondLife I would have known, cybersex plays a big role in this virtual world.

So I was extremely confused and bothered by secondlife for a while, but then my curiousity got the better of me, and I found myself, once again at the sign up page. This time I browsed the page of all the male avatars, and none of them truly appealed to me. Not one I felt like I could identify with. Not even the goth avatar seemed right. they simply just did not 'fit' me. which was what brought me to furry.

My initial reaction when I stumbled upon 'furry' was, "That's not really me either..." but as I learned more about it, the white kitten with-in me, began to show. Just ever so curious and innocent - pretty much my personality. For the next few days I fought the thought in my head, wondering what my friends would say...and if this choice was right for me.  I came a final conclusion, and Gadget, the white kitten was born.

I skipped and frolicked through the tutorial island, having been there a few times before, collecting the freebies and helpful notecards.  Luckily avoiding some sort of conversation, so I would not be totally side tracked from leaving the island and locating fur friendly hangouts.

As a furry, I’m intrigued by the concept of ‘Furry’ and are there many Furries in Second Life? Where do they hang out?

Well, it seems to me that this will be one hell of a journey. 


  1. Interesting to say the least, I'll definitely be monitoring this blog, follow mine if you like it.


  2. best of luck with your lifestyle

  3. So furry as in 'wee life as a cat is fun' or 'wee doing cats is fun'?

  4. More like... Wee! Life as a kitteh is uber amaaazing! :3